What I’m Watching and Reading: May 2024

Maya Rudolph in Loot on Apple TV+

This month, I’ve mostly been catching up, notably with Loot on Apple TV+. I also thought I’d expand things a little bit and share what I’m reading too. Feel free to leave any recommendations in the comments!

What I’m Watching

Loot (Apple TV+)

When Apple TV+ does 30-minute comedies, they tend to be pretty good. Loot on Apple TV+ certainly is. It stars Maya Rudolph as a billionaire divorcee who decides to actually engage with her foundation as she rebuilds her life. I can see where the show is going after just a couple of episodes, but I’m enjoying it nonetheless.

Special Ops: Lionesses (Paramount+)

Readers/listeners will know that I like high-octane, slightly dumb action shows, and Special Ops: Lionesses is one. And it is female-led. Win, win. Zoe Saldaña and Laysla De Oliveira star. It is pretty violent, which can be disturbing, but the strong female characters make a nice change for this style of show.

Thunderbirds (ITVX)

I could pretend there is some higher cultural reason behind watching Thunderbirds. However, the truth is that sometimes I just can’t resist dipping into a bit of childhood nostalgia. I was, therefore, delighted when I found this firm favourite, and other Gerry Anderson shows, available for free on ITVX.

What I’m Reading

No Way Out: Brexit: From the Backstop to Boris

This work essentially tells the inside story of Theresa May’s time as UK prime minister. I can’t say much more about it as I’ve reviewed it for the Times Literary Supplement!

Amazon; Bookshop.org; Waterstones

Football Leaks: Uncovering the Dirty Deals Behind the Beautiful Game

Before I got stuck into Brexit, I found “Football Leaks” on my shelf and dived in. It gives a rather depressing insight into the sport I love, although perhaps not all the revelations are quite as big as the author clearly thinks they are. I really appreciated how it revealed the process of investigative journalism though.

Amazon; Bookshop.org; Waterstones

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