How to Stream Thunderbirds and All Things Gerry Anderson For Free

Tracy brothers in Thunderbirds

Thunderbirds was a huge part of my childhood. The Tracy Island I got one year remains one of my greatest-ever Christmas presents! However, I was never entirely sure where you could watch the show. Turns out, the answer is ITVX. You can stream the original episodes, as well as the anniversary episodes and the remake Thunderbirds Are Go

ther Gerry Anderson classics like Captain Scarlet and Joe 90 are also available for free on the service. Obviously, if you are a Brit abroad who pays the licence fee and fancies a nostalgia trip you can catch it all with a VPN. I use NordVPN.

For those over in the USA, you can stream Thunderbirds on Peacock. (I thought it was going to be on BritBox, given that is the international version of ITVX, but no.)

Anyway, now you now know where you can enjoy all your marionette magic!

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