Web Summit And OpenAI Chaos

The world of tech is rarely quiet, but it has been particularly frantic over the last few weeks. Firstly, we had Web Summit CEO Paddy Cosgrove resign over comments relating to the Israel-Hamas conflict. The major conference in Lisbon did go ahead successfully, but some of the world’s companies had already pulled out by then.

After that, we had the Sam Altman/OpenAI drama, in which the story seemed to change by the hour. Things seem to have stabilised… for now… and Altman is back as CEO.

Journalist and author James Ball returns to the show to discuss it all. We also further ponder the consequences of AI for journalism and the wider world.

* Web Summit fights back after wave of cancellations, CEO exitPolitico

* OpenAI set out to show a different kind of tech giant was possible. It might prove the opposite. – Techtris

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