RIP Lightning – MFI November 2023

iPhone 15 and AirPods Pro 2 with USB-C cable

Each month, I write the MacFormat Investigates feature for MacFormat magazine. Below is an excerpt from the latest edition.

For those lucky enough to get your hands on one of the iPhone 15 range, perhaps the first things you will notice is that the cable that comes in the box is different to those from previous generations. That is because Apple is moving all its devices away from the Lightning port and to USB-C. And none of the old Lightning port accessories you’ve collected over the years are compatible anymore.

It is a hugely significant change from Apple, especially for the iPhone. The good thing about it is that USB-C is a universal standard, immediately giving you access to a wider range of accessories such as charging cables. No more hoping third parties produce items with a Lightning connecter.

It also means that it is easier to jump to and from using an iPhone – the chargers and accessories that come with Android phones and other devices should now work with the iPhone too. Or you can use some Apple devices and some non-Apple devices and just use the same cables. However, in the short term, it means that if you’re buying an iPhone 15 (and don’t have any USB-C accessories already) you’re going to have to buy new power adaptors, cables and wired headphones, either from Apple or a third-party, adding to the cost.

There is a cynical argument that points out that this is all somewhat in Apple’s favour, at least in the short-term, even if it has had to stop using its proprietary Lightning technology in the process. Buy the iPhone 15 Pro and you might have to buy a new power adaptor and USB-C EarPods alongside the phone itself for £38

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