“Grand Theft Auto” is Coming to… Netflix

Grand Theft Auto Trilogy artwork on Netflix

Mobile versions of the “Grand Theft Auto” games are heading to a somewhat unexpected location – Netflix. I confess that when I first saw the company’s announcement I thought they were making a movie based on the IP. But, no. It is a continuation of their attempt to move into games.

The streamer said that from today, users can pre-register to play “Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition.” This will include mobile versions of “III”, “Vice City”, and “San Andreas”.

I’ve never quite got my head around Netflix’s strategy with gaming. I’m not convinced that anyone is taking out a subscription for the games. Recently, it appeared that the company had forgotten about it too. However, these are really big titles to be offering. Providing access to mobile versions of one of the most famous gaming series around certainly is a nice extra. It’s worth noting that buying the “Grand Theft Auto” games on their own costs either £4.99 or £6.99, depending on the title.

Games on Netflix

If you want to get games, head into the Netflix app and they should be listed there. I noticed “Football Manager 2024” is available, which is rather exciting/risky! You can also download the games directly from the App Store (which I think adds to the rather confusing nature of the offer…)

It will be interesting to see how much the streaming service commits to this play in 2024. References to the play from the company have rather Yo-Yo’d since it began, but getting involved in “Grand Theft Auto” certainly seems like a statement of intent.

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