What I am Watching – February 2024

Alan Ritchson in Reacher on Amazon Prime Video

Each month, I thought it would be fun to share some of the shows and movies I watch. It will not always be the latest stuff – I love dipping back into the archives too. This month there are some classics and comedies, of course, but I’ve been drawn in by “Reacher” too.

Feel free to share your recommendations in the comments too.

Will and Grace

No… really! Having discovered the “Just Jack… and Will” podcast, in which stars Sean Hayes and Eric McCormack talk through each episode week-by-week, I thought I’d do a “Will and Grace” rewatch myself. I always loved this show and found both the original TV show and the reboot are available on Now TV in the UK. Looking back, you can also see how it pushed some of the cultural boundaries of the time. Slowly… gently… but it pushed them nonetheless.


With all the hype around season two, I dived into “Reacher” season one and am gripped. Action-packed but not naff, gory but not too gory, it is really well executed. I read the Lee Child novel in which we first meet Jack Reacher years ago. From memory, the TV show doesn’t feel like too much of a departure from the written character. I’m not surprised this has been a hit for Prime Video.

Silicon Valley

Another catch-up through Now TV. The mocking of tech bro culture felt biting when Silicon Valley was originally broadcast. It now seems almost prophetical and plenty of the jokes remain laugh-out-loud funny.


The Daily Show

I hadn’t watched the Daily Show for years… However, all the hype around Jon Stewart’ return drew me back in. At least on a Monday. (Well… Tuesday in the UK.) It’s nice to see the comedian actually doing jokes again. I suspect it will become essential viewing as we head towards November, at least for one group of voters.


The BBC brought back the classic game show… and it’s really good. While some of the buzz of the opening has inevitably fallen away, the key elements of a family-friendly show remain. Give The Masked Singer a missed and feel the power of the Gladiators!

To Watch List

  • “Scott Pilgrim” (Netflix)
  • “Pep Guardiola: Chasing Perfection” (BBC iPlayer)

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