Ankler Media Heading Towards $10m in Revenue

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Ankler Media, the company built around The Ankler newsletter, is surging towards making $10 million in revenue next year. That’s what CEO Janice Min told Bron Maher in a fascinating interview that’s just come out.

The newsletter-based publication is always one that people, including me, cite when trying to find positivity in the future of media. Here’s what Min had to say:

“We started out with the bare-bones model and have slowly built up from that,” she said. “We haven’t had to unwind anything, which has been a huge benefit to us.

“But it’s been miraculous what we’ve been able to do with a staff of six people, and I have to believe that model is at least one of the models that will make it into the next phase of successful media.”

The Ankler – the newsletter written since 2017 by Rushfield and around which Ankler Media has grown – has been on Substack since 2019. Ankler received an investment from Substack to remain on the platform when it launched at the start of 2022.

I’m a big fan of The Ankler and have had its writers on my podcast. Their model is one that works really well in niches and for business-to-business outlets (in the loosest sense of that term). I do not doubt that, whether based around Substack or another platform, it is going to be replicated throughout the media ecosystem in years to come.

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