Jon Stewart Returns to The Daily Show

Jon Stewart hosting The Daily Show

“What did I miss?” 

On Monday, (or Tuesday here in the UK…) Jon Stewart addressed a roaring studio audience as he returned to present The Daily Show for the first time since 2015. Sitting in a suit, behind the desk, making (mostly) funny jokes and sparing no prisoners, it was almost like he’d never been away… Democrats will not like his digs at President Joe Biden. Republicans… probably weren’t watching, if we’re honest.

Stewart also threw a jab at Apple, joking that he would maybe talk about AI and China, something his former employer reportedly deemed off-limits for his Apple TV+ show. 

This is not a full return to The Daily Show for Jon Stewart. He is following what we now must call The Maddow Model and hosting on Mondays only. However, it would not entirely surprise me if he ramps up his presence as we approach November.

Humour serves as a crucial tool for exposing the abnormality of our political times and, at his best, few can match Jon Stewart. It is why his Apple TV+ dirge was such a disappointment.

Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show Comeback Contains Jokes

The comeback show was pretty good. There was certainly less of the sanctimony and a lot more jokes than we got on “The Problem With…”. While the opening monologue section tackling Biden and Trump’s age was generally funny, with a few laugh-out-loud moments in it, my favourite part was the interview with The Economist editor-in-chief Zanny Minton Beddoes. The host mostly let her speak, she was good-humoured in her responses to his gags and I always enjoy a Brit explaining what liberalism actually means to an American! 

Of course, the show isn’t centred around one figure now. There was a segment involving the news team that deftly exposed the nonsense that is most horse race-style political coverage and mocked the returning hero just the right amount. 

All-in-all a fun, strong return to The Daily Show for Jon Stewart.

Watch on Sky/Now TV (UK) or Comedy Central/Paramount+ (US)


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