“The News Agents” to Launch USA Show

The News Agents team at The Podcast Show London

The team behind “The News Agents” podcast will launch “The News Agents: USA” on 20th June. They made the announcement whilst speaking at The Podcast Show London today. The weekly show will cover US politics in the run-up to the 2024 election and be hosted by Jon Sopel and Emily Maitlis. The pair presented “Americast” together during their time at the BBC.

In statement Sopel said

America is where Emily and I started podcasting, and it’s so exciting to be launching “The News Agents: USA” with the 2024 election coming fast down the track – and the somewhat insane possibility of a Trump/Biden rematch.

Maitlis Commented: 

It’s hard to think of a better time to launch “The News Agents: USA” and explore America in the run up to an unmissable presidential election campaign. We are thrilled to be bringing our extensive expertise of US elections, the people in power, and culture to a brand-new weekly show. The News Agents: USA will have the same analysis, curiosity, humour and big-name guests as “The News Agents” – but a few more Stars and Stripes.


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I was somewhat critical in my review when “The News Agents” launched in Semptember 2022. However, in the months since the show has found its rhythm and has become a must-listen for millions of people – including me. I’ve even warmed to the name and theme music! (Sopel revealed on-stage that his wide had come up with the name.) The guests are top-tier and episodes can be agenda-setting. Overall, people have clearly bought into the brand – there were even cheers at The Podcast Show London session when Sopel did a live recreation of their BT ad – and that is obviously why they are expanding things across the Atlantic. Just in time for a nice, quiet election…

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