Madeleine White of The Audiencers on How to Build a Sustainable Publication

B2b publishing is a big, but all too often overlooked, segment of the media. It might not be as sexy as the big-name, consumer-facing brands, but it really matters. The Audiencers is a new b2b publication aimed at those within the media industry that run all manner of publications. It is run by Poool, the membership and subscription technology suite. On this week’s show, Editor-in-Chief Madeleine White joined to discuss the still-new website.

As well as outlining what The Audiencers does, the conversation covers what publishers get right and wrong when it comes to user retention and paywall strategy. There is also a discussion about small, but overlooked, success stories and we advocate for a more collaborative approach in publishing.

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* Mather Economics report on paywalls

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