Threads News Fail

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Threads has been live for a little under a year. While it has undoubtedly made some progress, it has failed to become the hub of online conversation in the way Twitter once was. Even with the problems since Elon Musk took over, Tweets are still quoted in the news and used by senior figures as a way to communicate with the public.

Threads’s failure to break Twitter’s domination of public discourse is, in large part, because those running it have simply refused to encourage news and politics on the platform. Indeed, it is understood that the algorithm “punishes” political content.

With election campaigns underway in both the UK and USA, the folly of the Threads decision is being exposed. Take what is happening in the UK today. There is widespread anger and bafflement at prime minister Rishi Sunak’s decision to leave D-Day commemorations in France early. It’s across the newspapers and their websites, the broadcast media and dominating UK political discourse on Twitter…

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