MLB London Series Baseball Coverage Hits a Home Run

MLB London series

This weekend, Major League Baseball came to the UK as the Phillies played the Mets at the London Stadium. (I was there yesterday!) TNT Sports has most of the rights to the sport here in the UK – Apple TV+ has a Friday night game.

TNT usually takes a feed from a US broadcaster. Sky Sports does the same for the NFL. However, for the MLB London Series, Darren Fletcher, who normally covers Premier League football, was on duty. He seems to have scored a home run with his commentary of the final play of the game. It was an exciting double play and saw the Mets claim a 6-5 victory. Based on some of the replies, lots of American fans seem to have enjoyed Fletcher’s work.

US sports are becoming increasingly popular on the other side of the Atlantic, although baseball lags a long way behind the NFL. Perhaps Fletcher’s viral moment at the MLB London Series will go some way to change that.

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