The Death of Jezebel and Blogging

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Brian Morrisey has a typically on-the-nose piece about what the demise of Jezebel tells us about blogging and digital media in general.

Brian is always worth reading, but I’m far more optimistic than he is. Obviously! That is why I expanded The Addition to include a blog! I’m sure some of my hope is based on nostalgia, but I also think there are plenty of sites on the web that show us what is possible. Daring Fireball by John Gruber on all things Apple and more is a great example of this.

Videos and podcasts are great, I love watching them, listening to them and making them. But written content still really matters and people can engage with a personal voice i.e. blogging. I’m not saying it is easy, but it is certainly possible to do this on a smaller scale than Jezebel – i.e. individual creators making stuff and using all the tools at our disposal.

And, as Brian says himself:

I don’t care about AI and all the rest, talented and creative people will continue to make stuff and find a way.

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