Esther McVey is Back in Government. What Does it Mean For GB News?

Esther Mcvey and Philp Davies on GB News

It has been a rather chaotic day in British politics. Again. It started with the sacking of home secretary Suella Braverman and the appointment of former prime minister David Cameron as foreign secretary (via the House of Lords). We now have the announcement that Esther McVey is heading back to government as a minister in the Cabinet Office.

Essentially, McVey is the minister for appearing on TV and being against woke stuff. That is all well and good if you like that kind of thing. However, she also presents a Saturday morning show on GB News alongside her partner and fellow Tory MP Philip Davies. The show has got attention from regulator Ofcom already and it surely will not be allowed to continue.

McVey started her career as a TV presenter. Her surely inevitable exit is something of a blow to the broadcaster. Or is it? To have one of their own around the Cabinet table might be considered something of a success… Interestingly, GB News‘s initial news article about McVey’s appointment made no reference to her having a show on the channel.

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