Media Voices – Lessons From The Creator Economy: Setting the tone in podcasts and newsletters

Room at the newsletter and podcast summit

I have teamed up with my friends at Media Voices for a monthly column on the creator economy. Each month, I explore the different ways publishers can learn from this thriving part of the media industry.

Towards the end of May, I was at the Podcast Show London in a packed, hot Business Design Centre in Angel. Delegates from some of the biggest publishing and tech companies in the world were there too, an indication of what a key part of the calendar this show has become. No mean feat in an industry that loves a get together and has plenty of them.

And the busiest session I attended? You will be shocked to know that it wasn’t James Corden interviewing his boss at SiriusXM, but YouTube. 

While I am rather protective of podcasts as an audio experience, (perhaps a topic for a column at another time…) the video platform insists it is working hard to offer much more to podcasters. This includes better RSS integration and a focus on improving metrics, something that is critical to both creators and advertisers. YouTube also says it is recommending more podcast episodes to podcast consumers.

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