Apple Mother Nature – Cringe or Classic?

Octavia Spencer as Mother Nature at Apple iPhone 15 event

On Tuesday, Apple revealed the new iPhone 15 range with its typical slick presentation and fanfare. The company is always keen to show off its green credentials at these kinds of events, and who better to judge than Mother Nature herself?

That’s what happened in a skit centred around Octavia Spencer, the Oscar winner who stars in the Apple TV+ series “Truth Be Told”. As I was watching I could feel the cringe surging through my body.

However, if you could get through it, the clip successfully outlined Apple’s plan to reduce its entire carbon footprint to net zero by 2030 in a memorable way. And it didn’t require Lisa Jackson, vice president of environment, policy and social initiatives, to stand on the roof of Apple Park.

We all know that corporate videos and events can be stomach-churning. Many Apple fans haven’t got over the “U2 incident”. And let us never forget Bill Gates et al dancing on stage at the Windows 95 launch. (I’ll spare you the clip in this post.)

Most people will never have seen the Octavia Spencer Mother Nature skit, because most people do not watch Apple events. They just want to quickly learn what features the iPhone 15 has.

However, for those who did see the clip, does it make it more or less likely that people remember Apple cares about the environment? Does it make them more or less able to tell other people about that? Oh, and is anyone not going to buy an iPhone 15 because they didn’t like the skit?

Like it or not, we all know the answer. And so does Apple.


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