GB News Breaches Ofcom Rules. Again.

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Ofcom has declared that GB News is once again in breach of its rules. This time the channel broke the regulator’s rules on impartiality. It happened on an episode of a show presented by Conservative MPs/couple Esther McVey and Philip Davies that included a pre-recorded interview with Chancellor Jeremy Hunt. The episode in question received 45 complaints and aired on March 11 this year, four days before Hunt presented the Spring Budget to Parliament. Alongside the pre-recorded interview, there was a studio discussion.

Ofcom found:

Ofcom found that the programme did not include an appropriately wide range of significant views, for example those that either criticised, opposed or put forward policy alternatives to the viewpoints given by the three Conservative Party politicians, on a matter of major political controversy and current public policy.

Basically, three sitting Conservative MPs having a nice chat about policy, essentially unchallenged by a political opponent, on television is not okay. The issue of serving politicians getting presenting gigs is becoming a growing issue, something Ofcom is looking into.

This is now the third time that GB News has been found in breach by Ofcom. The other incidents related to episodes hosted by Mark Steyn, who is no longer at the channel. The regulator also has six further investigations into GB News currently ongoing.

If you fancy watching something from GB News where there was a difference of opinion, check out the clip below. Presenters Andrew Pierce and Bev Turner had a furious on-air row about the allegations made against Russell Brand.

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Affiliate ad - sales may earn commission that helps support The Addition
Affiliate ad – sales may earn commission which supports The Addition.

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