Why Building a Community Around Your Publication Matters

“Community” has become a somewhat overused, and sometimes misused, word in recent times. However, when done right, it can become a really important element in engaging existing readers/listeners with a publication, as well as helping to attract new ones. It is not straightforward though. Picking the right platform really matters and it takes a lot of hard work to make these spaces self-sustaining.

Media Voices recently launched its online community – an online message board where listeners and readers can talk about key topics relating to the media. Esther Thorpe from the publication joins the show to explain why and how they did it. She said the team are already starting to see it leading to new newsletter subscribers. There is also a link to the real-life events they do – The Publisher Podcaster Awards (where I was a judge) and The Publisher Newsletter Awards (where I won Best Solo Newsletter!)

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