What on Earth is Going on With Twitter? Again.

It is fair to say that Elon Musk’s time owning Twitter has been… eventful. The latest developments have seen view limits imposed. Yes, Twitter wants you to see fewer tweets. The limits are set higher for this who pay for Twitter Blue but still exist. Perhaps we should all be grateful that Elon is helping us to spend less time scrolling, but it all rather feels like he is trolling his users.

Jeff Gamet returns to the podcast to discuss these latest developments, which surely must reduce the amount of adverts users see at a time when rebuilding trust with advertisers is crucial. We also wonder how new CEO Linda Yaccarino feels about it all. (Since recording, she has shown public support for the view limits.) We also unpack Apple’s decision to make the first episode of “Silo” available for free on Twitter.

* Elon Musk Announcing View Limits

* Stop Pretending You’re Going to Quit Twitter Because Elon Musk is Buying it

* What on Earth is Going on With Twitter?

* “Silo” on Twitter

* The British Tech Network

* Jeff Gamet on YouTube

* ‘The Context Machine’ podcast

* Charlotte Henry on Twitter

* Charlotte Henry TikTok

* The Addition on YouTube

* Charlotte Henry on Instagram

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