TV+ Talk: Jon Stewart Departs Apple TV+

This month, Chuck Joiner and I discuss the news that Ridley Scott has decided Apple TV+ viewers need a four-hour director’s cut of his movie “Napoleon”. Are we worthy of such genius? Talking of overly long films, “Killers of the Flower Moon” has made it to cinemas. We look at the numbers. (Spoiler alert: Taylor Swift did better.)

Recently, there has been a bust-up between Jon Stewart and Apple TV+, reportedly over topics he was not allowed to cover on his “The Problem” show. So much so, in fact, that the host is leaving the streamer. Does Apple have the right to dictate the journalism that appears on its streaming service? I think, at least to some extent, that it does. However, it is a fine line to tread and a fascinating moment in the development of Apple TV+.

Quick note: we recorded this episode before the price rises were announced. We will have thoughts next time.

* Ridley Scott has chopped down his Napoleon director’s cut, but it’s still over 4 hours – Total Film

* APPLE’s Magical $200M ‘Killers’ Math: The Breakdown – The Wakeup

* Jon Stewart’s ‘The Problem’ Not Moving Forward at Apple Amid Creative Differences – The Hollywood Reporter

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