BBC Director General to Address Tory MPs

Tim Davie BBC DG

Tim Davie, the director general of the BBC, will address the Conservative Party’s 1922 Committee on Wednesday. The committee is a powerful group of backbench Tory MPs. News of the unusual arrangement was revealed by Huffington Post political editor Kevin Schofield:

You can read the full story here.

A source informed Schofield that they “thought it would be interesting” to have one of the most powerful men in British media attend the meeting. Indeed. As the story notes, Davie is a former member of the Conservatives. He twice stood in council elections for the party.

We all know that senior media figures meet with senior political figures, both elected and on staff. However, it is certainly eyebrow-raising both that the 1922 Committee decided to invite Davie and even more surprising that he accepted.

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The BBC is always scrutinised for whether it is showing any political bias. This attention only grows as we head towards a general election. It would not shock me if the opposition Labour Party also asked the BBC director general to attend one of its parliamentary party meetings. If they do, he will have little choice but to say yes. Tim Davie has set an… interesting precedent.

It seems like the BBC are not entirely pleased about being scooped about their own boss. Here is what they had up on their live blog:

Yes, they are “hearing” about the DG’s whereabouts via reading the story elsewhere!

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