The Tech That Helps Blind People Stream The Latest Hit Shows

Many of us take watching the latest hit Netflix series for granted. But how do you enjoy such content if you’re blind? Steven Scott from “Double Tap” joins the show to discuss the various accessibility features that services make available to help with this. He also highlights their varying quality. First, the show goes back to basics. What accessibility features for blind people are already available on our phones and other devices?

Sidenote: I appeared on “Double Tap” on Monday discussing the ongoing saga that is the UK’s Online Safety Bill.

Discussing the television and movies we watch is a crucial part of our culture. We do it at work and with our friends and family. If blind and visually impaired people are locked out of watching the thing everyone is talking about, they are excluded from those water cooler moments. Thankfully, the tools available to those with disabilities continue to improve. However, there is still some way to go.

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