Discussing The UK’s Online Safety Bill

Houses of Parliament. Located in London

I appeared on an episode of the “DoubleTap” show, which aired on Monday. “DoubleTap” is a programme from Canadian broadcaster AMI that aims to help blind people get the most out of their tech, making sure it is working for them. On this edition, I chatted to host Steven Scott about Online Safety Bill, which is currently making its way, very slowly, through Parliament. It may be UK legislation, but its impact is likely to go far beyond British shores.

In the conversation, we joke about how many changes there have been to the legislation. Well, there was another one today. The Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, the Cabinet minister responsible for the Bill, has changed. Michelle Donelan has become Secretary of State in the new Department of Science, Innovation and Technology. Lucy Frazer has replaced her as Secretary of State for Culture, Media, and Sport and becomes the third Secretary of State to try and get this legislation over the line. Presumably. It could, theoretically, remain under Donelan’s new brief. Either way, it continues to face many of the challenges discussed on “Double Tap”.

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