Reasons to be Cheerful About The Media

The media has had a rocky start to 2024. Very rocky. Amongst other things, there has been a constant stream of redundancy news from some of the biggest legacy players and The Messenger shut down. However, not everything is bad. Not only are there are journalists continuing to do great work, there are huge opportunities for people to create new kinds of media.

Claire Atkinson, a contributing editor to The Ankler who writes The Media Mix newsletter and is penning a book on Rupert Murdoch, joins the show to discuss it all. Hopefully, we can at least lift some of the gloom!

* L.A. Times to lay off at least 115 people in the newsroomLA Times

* The Messenger Never Stood a Chance

* Grammys Bring in 16.9 Million Viewers in 2024, Up 34% From Last Year Variety

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