Stormont Returns, Sturgeon on the Stand – House of Comments Podcast

Northern Irish first minister Michelle O'Neill

It has been a busy political week in all corners of the UK. The Northern Ireland Assembly is finally back up and running after a two-year hiatus. It comes after an agreement to remove routine checks on the island of Ireland was agreed. In a historic moment, Sin Feinn’s Michelle O’Neill (pictured above) is the first minister, the first nationalist to hold the role.

Over in Scotland, former first minister Nicola Sturgeon made a dramatic and sometimes emotional appearance at the Covid inquiry. She insisted none of her pandemic decisions were made with a political bid for independence in mind.

Back in London, Conservative MP and justice minister Mike Freer has decided to stand down at the next election due to the death threats he has received over his support for Israel. I discuss it all with my co-host Emma Burnell.

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