Merry Christmas from The Addition

It is the Friday before Christmas and I wanted to say… thank you! Your taking the time to read the newsletter and listen to the podcast means a lot to me.

I love running The Addition and I’m proud of where it’s got to in a relatively short period. This includes being named ‘Best Solo Newsletter’ at the inaugural Publisher Podcast Awards. But, and you knew there would be a but, to continue to build it requires more readers taking out paid subscriptions.

A subscription costs £5 per month/£50 a year – I think Substack converts to international currency as appropriate. A subscription gives you access to all the paid newsletters and the full archive (each post goes behind a paywall after a month). It also means you can comment on the newsletter. From early 2024, more and more newsletter content is going behind the paywall, with the free offering continuing via the blog/podcast. Make sure you don’t miss out! 

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And 2024 is going to be a big year for media. There is an ongoing discussion about AI, the development of the creator economy and plenty of M&A talk. Oh, and there is going to be coverage of elections in both the UK and the US to navigate too… Don’t worry, in amongst all that, there will still be time to discuss all the fun new shows and movies coming to streamers as well!

To sign off, here’s a selection of my favourite newsletter editions and podcast episodes from this year:



Once again, thank you all so much for being part of The Addition. Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!


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