Review: iPhone 15 Pro Leather Case From Mujjo

Mujjo iPhone 15 Pro case

The people at Mujjo were kind enough to send me one of their leather iPhone 15 Pro cases to test out. I’ve been using it for a couple of months now so will share my thoughts below. The product links are affiliate links i.e. if you click on them and purchase The Addition can earn some commission. However, this does not in any way affect my review.

Regular readers and followers will know I’m a long-time Mujjo fan and regularly use their products. Their iPhone 15 Pro Full Leather Case is yet another one I really like. It is great to have such products available from third parties now that Apple does not make leather cases itself. Their own Fine Woven ones have received a… mixed reception.

As ever, the Mujjo case feels high quality and sturdy. In classic fashion, I’ve dropped and banged my phone a couple of times and it has been protected by the case. The leather also has a really nice feel to it and the colour-matching with the iPhone itself is impressive. Perhaps my favourite feature is that the buttons feel like proper buttons, instead of buttons covered by a case.

Such a case obviously adds a bit of weight and size to a relatively light and thin product. However, I rather like the added solidity, especially as the aforementioned colour and buttons make the case feel like part of your iPhone 15, as opposed to an accessory you’ve just stuck on. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed a tiny bit of fraying of the leather at the bottom of the case. Although very minor, it is a little disappointing after just a couple of months.

Overall, the Mujjo cases really are great iPhone accessories and I can highly recommend picking them as a gift this holiday season for a loved one… or yourself!  I also really like the Mujjo AirPods case which I have used for months. What is really nice is the is the colours of the iPhone 15 Pro case and the AirPods Pro case match up, making for a really smart set.

Mujjo has a Black Friday sale on, and you can get 20% off everything, including the Echelon AirPods Pro Case and iPhone 15 Pro Full Leather case.

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