Mujjo Echelon AirPods Pro Case Review

Mujjo AirPods Case in brown.

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Mujjo specialises in high-quality sustainable luxury leather accessories. I’ve used one of their (now slightly bashed-looking) wallet cases on my iPhone 12 Pro for a while and adore their phone-friendly gloves. The company recently launched the Echelon AirPods 2 Case, their first product for Apple’s wireless headphones. If like me, you don’t go anywhere without your AirPods, you’re probably absolutely neurotic about dropping and breaking them. Scratches inevitably appear over time on an AirPods Pro charging case too. This product serves as a great reassurance against all of that.

The case comes in two parts and easily goes over the AirPods Pro charging case. Happily, it can be used with the original AirPods Pro (which I have), as well as the second AirPods Pro 2nd generation. The bottom portion has small openings so the sound coming from the case (for Find My functionality) isn’t impeded and the buttons can still be used – I found this a little bit stiff originally but obviously, it is brand new leather that softens with use. The light from the AirPods Pro case can still be easily seen. I was also pleased that wireless charging, the kind offered by Apple’s MagSafe and other products, still works with the case on.

There is also a clip to attach the case to a bag, keyring or similar if that’s your vibe, and a side opening for a lanyard. The fact that it is built in two parts means the AirPods Pro case still opens easily and there are no additional hinges to worry about. The top did come off once in a very tight pocket but generally, it all fits securely. Overall, the design is slick and feels rather nice and solid.

I was previously a bit sceptical about AirPods cases. I liked seeing the personalised engraving I have and keeping the product as pocket-friendly as possible. However, I have really warmed to this product. It looks smart and the added protection is worth the additional bulk. 

What I like most about Mujjo products is their simplicity – clean lines, strong colours – and the Echelon AirPods 2 Case is no different. It comes in blue, black and brown. At £39/$39 there are obviously cheaper alternatives around. But sometimes premium is worth paying for and this stylish, protective offering is worth the money. 

Buy Echelon AirPods 2 Case here.

I may earn a commission on any purchases made via the links and adverts on this site and in the newsletter. This all helps keep The Addition going.

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