The Best Podcast You’ve (Probably) Not Listened to

Rachel Maddow Ultra

Part of the reason for starting this blog to complement the newsletter was to share things that I like and think you like. The podcast “Rachel Maddow Presents: Ultra” is certainly one of those things.

Now, obviously a bit of a fangirl for the MSNBC star, but this limited series really is exceptionally put together. It tells the story of a network of Nazi sympathisers during WWII, how some of the most senior figures in the country were involved, and how close they got to successfully building a fascist network to overthrow democracy in the United States. It is all done with Maddow’s typical attention to detail and storytelling flair.

Of course, it is not so subtly making comparisons with today. However, you do get through the eight episodes without actually hearing the phrases “Donald Trump” or “January 6th”. The clever script just about manages to avoid saying the quiet part out loud.

I was a bit late to “Rachel Maddow Presents: Ultra”. It was originally released back in October 2022. However, if, like me, you missed it and are searching for a new show, I heartily recommend it. It is on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and, presumably, anywhere else you might want to listen to a show.

Obviously, only listen to when you’ve caught up with all episodes of “The Addition Podcast”.

Maddow was also behind another fantastic podcast series called “Bagman” which you may want to check out too.

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