The Addition 2.0

You may have noticed that The Addition was a bit quiet last week. That’s because some exciting things are happening. Firstly, this newsletter is going (almost entirely) paid only. The full Tuesday and Friday versions, and the archive, will be available only to paid subscribers. These are going to include longer analysis pieces as well as all the good stuff that ends up in my notebook.

Free subscribers will still get something though. When the podcast returns, (which will be soon,) I will send that out to the entire list, along with some other snippets that I hope you will enjoy. However, the in-depth analysis and news will be paywalled. Paid subscriptions are the best way to support the ongoing growth of The Addition and I really appreciate anyone who takes one out. 

There are big scoops and pieces of analysis that I’m working on, so subscribers will get plenty of value. I’m also offering the first 20 people who take out a new subscription a 20% discount for the first year, so don’t delay!

20% Discount

There is a growing amount of content from The Addition. I’ve ramped up this blog. It is now regularly updated with the news and analysis from where tech and media meet. So keep checking back here.

Separate from the reporting, I’ve launched the Newsletter Masterclass too. If you want to launch or grow your own newsletter, check it out!
The Addition is two years old and only growing to be bigger and better. Thank you all for your ongoing support.

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