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President Trump Postlaunch Remarks (NHQ202005300037)

This week, Presidents Biden and Trump agreed to televised debates to be aired on CNN and ABC. Dylan Byers at Puck has a ​great rundown​ of how it all happened and why it is such a big deal. ​(Sorry, The Commission on Presidential Debates.)​

Here in the UK, we don’t know exactly when our General Election will be, but whenever it is called there will inevitably be talk about debates between the party leaders. Back in January, Labour leader and presumed next Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer said he would take on Rishi Sunak, the current resident of No.10. “I’ve been saying bring it on for a very, very long time. I’m happy to debate any time,” Sir Keir ​told Sky News.

While we can haggle over the level of political difference they make, in our age of streamed series and video on demand, these kinds of news events are appointment television.

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