The Rise of “Dad TV” on Streaming Services

Alan Ritchson in Reacher on Amazon Prime Video

There is a great story over on Variety by Michael Schneider in which he looks at how streaming services are embracing so-called “Dad TV”. Prime Video sees to be doing particularly well in this sector thanks to “Fallout” and “Reacher”, but the genre also includes “For All Mankind” (Apple TV+), “Lionesses” and “Yellowstone” (both Paramount+).

Schneider argues:

It would be easy to chalk these shows up as successful because they feature “middle-aged guys with guns.” And maybe you wouldn’t be wrong. But in an age of streaming, these are more than that. They have gripping mysteries, compelling characters and ongoing stories with something to say. Maybe we should amend that term to call it “prestige dad TV.”

Schneider notes:

It doesn’t have to be all investigative procedurals. I’m a dad, and I guess I count too. I lean more toward those spy thrillers — let’s not forget Apple TV+’s “Hijack,” the edge-of-your-seat entry from Idris Elba. Or comedic actioners like Guy Ritchie’s (another patron saint of dad entertainment) Netflix entry “The Gentlemen.”

Streaming Services Becoming Networks

The discussion around this “Dad TV” genre feeds into the growing conversation about the way streaming services are becoming cable networks. Prestige, much watch, series are important. And some of these shows are very much that. However, this outlets also need to offer they also need to offer middling content that peopel can just relax too. We had some of this conversation on the recent “Additional Conversations” segement on “Daily Tech News Show”.

I tend to enjoy shows like this too. I liked “Reacher” season one and will fit in season two at some point soon. I’m currently watching “Special Ops: Lionesses” and liking that too. I think “Slow Horses” qualifies as “Dad TV” and it’s excellent. Schneider argues that “sure, like most series, these titles appeal to all demographics. But let’s face it, they most likely over index with men in the fortysomething-plus range. In other words, dads.”

Perhaps I’m a 40-something man trapped in a 30-something woman’s body!

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