Media Voices Lessons From The Creator Economy: Journalist, Creator or Both?

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I am teaming up with my friends at Media Voices for a new monthly column on the creator economy. I’m very excited about it! Each month, I will explore different ways publishers can learn from this thriving part of the media.

The early weeks of 2024 have been full of miserable media industry news, with journalists being laid off and outlets closing. LA Times… Pitchfork… The Messenger… you probably don’t need reminding.  However, there is one part of the media landscape that, one way or another, continues to thrive – the creator economy. An April 2023 report from Goldman Sachs concluded that this exciting confluence of platforms and people could be worth half-a-trillion dollars by 2027.

We’re not just talking about Mr Beast and his gazillions of YouTube views either. There are a host of individuals and small businesses covering everything from tech to beauty to sport. They are doing robust work that brings in audiences and revenues. 

It would be wrong to claim that this work can fill all the holes being opened up in legacy media, but these creators can still do a huge amount of good. It’s why I’m so excited to be covering these developments in this new monthly column!

Read the full column at Media Voices

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