Enough of the Holly and Phil “This Morning” Saga

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on “This Morning”

A couple of week’s ago I was sat in a cafe, eating comfort food after another disastrous Spurs performance, as the news of Phillip Schofield’s departure from “This Morning” broke. The television in the cafe had the BBC News channel on, with the outlet focussing on the story for most of my meal. In the weeks that have followed, the attention has not died down as the situation has developed. We have tabloid splashes (of course), radio phone-ins and sit-down interviews.

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Today, Schofield’s former co-host Holly Willoughby returned to her place on the “This Morning” sofa. She kicked off with a short monologue:

Obviously, I think covering the media industry is important. That’s why I started The Addition! “This Morning” has a big audience. Holly and Phil were a popular double act. Allegations of issues on the show and at ITV more broadly clearly need covering. Despite all that, I am not sure that the allegations against Schofield, as they stand at the time of writing, and the fallout from them, are worthy of the amount of attention they have received.

Unless anything more comes to light it is time to move on and focus on the really important things happening in media.

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