What on Earth is Going on With Twitter?

One story sucked all the air out of the tech and media space in the final quarter of last year – Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter. Well, more accurately, it was multiple stories and a variety of incidents that all led back to the same person and the same company.

There was a lot to unpack – from the battle for Musk to actually buy the company to his erratic and hypocritical behaviour after the deal was complete. The aftereffects have gone beyond the social media platform too, with shares in Musk’s ‘other’ company, Tesla, taking a significant hit. We still do not know who the permanent CEO of Twitter will be or what comes next for users.

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This week, host Charlotte Henry is joined by journalists and author Chris Stokel-Walker to discuss and dissect everything that has gone on at Twitter during the last few months. They also look at the growing level of scrutiny being directed at TikTok. The US is particularly nervous about the short video app’s connections to the Chinese authorities and the EU may take a closer look at the company too.

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