Towards The Golden Age of Podcasting

The team behind the ‘Media Voices’ podcast came up with the idea of The Publisher Podcast Awards to celebrate excellence in the world of podcasting back in 2019. The first ceremony was held on 4th March 2020…

Podcasts became a huge part of peoples’ lives during the pandemic and the awards continued (online) in order to celebrate the work publishers were doing. Happily, people could be together again this year and the awards offered a hybrid ceremony. Those recognised in 2022 included both some of the world’s biggest publishers and independent creators. Going through the shortlist is a great way to find the next podcast you need to download and become obsessed with (after The Addition podcastof course!).

Esther Kezia Thorpe of ‘Media Voices’ joined host Charlotte Henry to discuss the changes the podcasting industry has undergone in recent years, including its professionalisation, and why we still have not reached “the golden age of podcasting” yet. There remains plenty of new listeners to reach and, with publishers putting more and more resources into podcasts, there is a lot for both listeners and producers to look forward to. Esther also explains how the team behind the awards are offering classes and courses to those who want to improve their own shows.

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