Threads vs Twitter – Who is Winning

On his company’s latest earnings call, Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg said that Threads had almost 100 million monthly users. It’s no mean feat, given that the app has only launched in July. It clearly launched unfinished, but has consistently added new features. However, the app doesn’t totally replicate the good bits of Twitter (hello, tweeting through a football match).

Jeff Gamet of “The Context Machine” podcast returns to the show to discuss the current state of the battle between Threads and Twitter. Can the power of Meta help the newcomer get success, or is X Twitter just too established? It is also worth asking – do we even want Threads to look like Twitter, pre or post-Elon Musk? Maybe it’s time we make something new. We also look at how other Twitter rivals, namely BlueSky and Mastodon, are holding up.

* Zuckerberg says Threads has almost 100 million monthly users

* The British Tech Network

* ‘The Context Machine’ podcast

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