The New York Times vs OpenAI and Microsoft

AI dominated the discourse for much of 2023 and it looks like it is going to be the same in 2024. I’m wary of making The Addition another AI-dominated publication. However, the story really matters. Furthermore, not all publications are prepared to sit back while the bots scrape their work to train Large Langauge Models (LLMs). For free. Indeed, the New York Times is engaged in a legal battle with OpenAI and Microsoft after what it alleges is a mass breach of copyright.

There is much that is fascinating about this case. For me, it stood out how vital the New York Times’ work seems to be to ChatGPT. It is also worth noting how keen publishers are to take this on early, instead of being caught short as they have been with other tech developments.

Charlotte Tobitt, UK Editor of Press Gazette, has done some great reporting on this ongoing legal battle. She joins the show to discuss it all.

* Why New York Times lawsuit seeks destruction of OpenAI and Microsoft LLMsPress Gazette

* OpenAI says ‘high-value partnership’ was on cards with New York Times before lawsuitPress Gazette

* Charlotte Tobitt at Press Gazette

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* Charlotte Henry on Twitter

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