The Future of Substack

This week’s episode is a bit meta. It’s two Substackers discussing Substack! Without a doubt, the platform has had a transformative effect on the media landscape. It has both coaxed major columnists away from their highly-paid gigs and helped mere startups (like this one) get off the ground. Over the last year, the company has consistently been launching new products, but what comes next?

Substack recently announced a funding round that allowed writers to buy into the platform they publish on. Doing so probably also indicates VC money isn’t flowing towards the firm as it once did. There is also a spat with Elon Musk and Twitter, which is suppressing links to Substack newsletters. With all this going on, Brian Morrissey, who runs The Rebooting, comes to discuss the past, present and future of Substack. 

* Substack’s CEO on ads, bundling and what’s next – The Rebooting podcast

* The Rebooting

* “People vs Algorithms”

* Brian Morrisey on Twitter

* Charlotte Henry on Twitter

* Charlotte Henry TikTok

* The Addition on YouTube

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