Rob Burley on BBC Failures and the Power of Political Interviews

We want transparency and honesty from our politicians. We want our media to hold the powerful to account. One of the best ways to do the latter is via long-form interviews. This week’s guest, Rob Burley, has been involved in producing many of them over the last 30 years but is worried that too many broadcasters, particularly the BBC, are abandoning the format. He gives a powerful insight into his work and doesn’t pull any punches when discussing his former employer, Piers Morgan and much else.

In his new book, “Why Is This Lying B*****d Lying to Me?”, Burley advocates for the long-form interview, whilst also giving an insight into the funny and sometimes bizarre situations that arise when working in political television.

* Jeremy Paxman vs Michael Howard

* The Trump TV Tangle

* Why Is This Lying B*****d Lying to Me? on Amazon (£ affiliate link, supports The Addition)

* Why Is This Lying B*****d Lying to Me? on (£ affiliate link, supports The Addition)

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