[Rerun] How Rolling Stone Came to The UK

This week, I’m rerunning the conversation I had last year with Rolling Sone UK news editor Nick Reilly.

Rolling Stone is one of the iconic media brands, covering the crossover of music, culture and politics in a unique way. A couple of years ago it was announced that there was going to be a UK sister to the US-based publication. The small team behind it was, at the time of originally recording this episode, preparing its sixth print edition and also producing a regular stream of online stories.

Reilly was in the team that launched the UK magazine. We discussed the launch, creating a distinctive UK voice for Rolling Stone, and collaborating with colleagues across the Atlantic. I found the details of how they decide what works for a UK audience while making sure to leverage the power that comes with the Rolling Stone brand particularly interesting. The work done during the Glastonbury, including interviews with artists performing at the festival, is a good example of this.

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