Prince Harry vs The Media, With The New Statesman’s Rachel Cunliffe

Prince Harry headed into The Rolls Building of the High Court in the UK the other week in an almost unprecedented step. He was there to be cross-examined, alleging the newspapers owned by the Mirror Group had hacked his phone over the period of some years. His appearance was part of a wider case featuring several different celebrities, but the Duke of Sussex attracted the most attention. The newspaper group denies all the charges against it.

Rachel Cunliffe, senior associate editor at The New Statesman magazine, has written about Prince Harry’s clashes with the media and followed the trial closely. She joins the show to discuss what it all might mean for the media’s relationship with royals and celebrities, as well as what it tells us about UK tabloid culture.

* Have a little sympathy for Prince Harry’s hacking claimsThe Bew Statesman

* A royal rumble: Prince Harry’s clash in court left him lost for words – but not defeated Guardian

* Rachel Cunliffe at the The New Statesman

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* Charlotte Henry on Twitter

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