Meta Doesn’t Need the News, With Adrian Weckler

Facebook has always had a somewhat changeable relationship with the news media. There have been times when the two have engaged and valued each other, and times when things have been rather more tense. The reality, though, is that parent company Meta basically makes no meaningful money from having news content on its various platforms. That’s why, in the face of a new Canadian law demanding it pays news outlets when links are posted, it has removed news content from Facebook and Instagram in the country. This follows similar legislation being introduced in Australia.

Google is also affected by the laws. Similarly, it does not really doesn’t make money off of the news. However, it has adopted a different approach and seems to want to co-exist with the media more than Meta does.

Adrian Weckler, the tech editor of the Irish Independent, joins to discuss the implications these moves have on outlets around the world. They might ultimately wish that their content was back on two of the world’s biggest platforms. Furthermore, is it only the big publications that benefit from such laws? We also discuss the broader situation that the traditional media finds itself in and the contrast between British/Irish news coverage and that from the US. Spoiler alert – there are some things we do not want to import.

* Meta to cut off access to news media on Facebook and Instagram in Canada following law that requires payment to media firms when users post linksIrish Independent

* Meta will stop paying US publishers to put their content in Facebook’s News tabThe Verge

* Meta Hit With Record Fine by EU

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