Is 6AM City The Future of Local News?

Local news is the subject of much agonising within the media industry. This traditional route into journalism, learning the craft at local outlets, is increasingly closed to young hacks on both sides of the Atlantic. Numerous publications are being run down or have closed. Yet they are so important to many communities who want to be informed about what is going on around them.

The team at 6AM City seem to have found a model that works. They send out daily, localised emails to 25 different markets at, you guessed it, 6 AM local time every day. It’s all about what is going on in the area, but there is no crime and punishment coverage and very little politics. Certainly nothing partisan. How, though, can you do local news when you don’t touch those traditionally important areas? 6AM City clearly are providing audiences with the information they want, but is the network of newsletters helping fill the void in news deserts? COO and co-founder Ryan Heafy joins to explain how it all works and shares some exciting plans for future expansion.

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