Hollywood Lowdown With Sean McNulty of “The Ankler”

Things are never quiet in Hollywood. Luckily, The Ankler exists to explain it all. Founded on the back of Richard Rushfield’s own newsletter, it has grown to become an example of a great Substack business.

And there is a lot going on in Tinseltown right now. The drive to get people back into cinemas post-pandemic continues, with more and more “in theatres only” releases happening. There have also been changes on the TV side as streamers try and make sure they are getting as much out of their audience as possible. This includes a merged streaming service, movie cancellations and the removal of content by Warner Brothers Discovery.

Oh, and US writers and studios can’t agree on a new deal, leading the industry hurtling towards a strike which could stop the flow of new TV episodes. Sean McNulty, who writes The Wakeup newsletter for The Ankler, joins the podcast to discuss it all.

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