Disney at 100

Disney is celebrating its centenary. The company was founded by brothers Roy and Walt on 16 October 1923. Legal wrangling and decades of creativity and innovation followed.

The conglomerate we see today is nothing like what the brothers could have envisioned. It consists not just of animated films, but of theme parks, merchandise and the world’s leading sports broadcasting brand too. There is also the small matter of Star Wars and the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. Things are not entirely straightforward though, as eventually the company will have to find someone to properly succeed Bog Iger as CEO. There was also the recent spat with Spectrum.

Kelly Guimont returns to the show to discuss it all, including Disney’s links with Apple. Crucially, we reveal our favourite Disney movies of all time. Mine is the only valid answer.

* Disney and Spectrum Deal Restores ESPN, ABC for Millions of Viewers

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