Independent Bookshop Week: Some Suggestions of Books to Buy

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Independent Bookshop Week 20223 started on 17th June and ends on 24th June. It is a wonderful way to support indie stores and a great excuse to buy some new books.

If you can’t make it to your local independent bookshop, you can still support them by purchasing via, which supplies readers via such outlets.

I have compiled a list of a few books that I recommend. Even better, buying through the links below might mean that The Addition gets a cut, so you’re helping support authors, independent bookshops and The Addition all at the same time.

Happy reading!

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“The Organised Writer” Antony Johnston 

I have a variety of writing projects and began to feel a little bit overwhelmed. I turned to this book. Just dipping in and learning the basics of the technique Johnston advocates was really useful. “The Organised Writer” is definitely worth a read for writers of all kinds.

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“Why Is This Lying Bastard Lying to Me?” – Rob Burley

There is barely a job in UK political broadcasting that Rob Burley has not done. He has worked with the UK’s key interviewers as they go head-to-head with the country’s top politicians. And Russell Brand. This book is both insightful and funny as it advocates for the art of the long-form political interview. You can also listen to my conversation with Rob from a recent podcast episode.

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“Traffic” – Ben Smith

This is one of those books that made waves before it was released – and not just because Ben came onto the podcast to discuss it! He has been at the forefront as news collided with digital and social “Traffic” lays out that tumultuous time and the effect it has had. It is top of my Summer “to read” list.

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Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography – Walter Isaacson

Walter Isaacson is one of the best-renowned biographers in the world and his depiction of Steve Jobs is another fine piece of work. It is, typical for Isaacson, a bit of a monster read but that means no stone is left unturned. Released 12 years ago, it still feels highly relevant in understanding Apple today.

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“Scoops” – Sam McAlister

Sam McAlister was a producer on the BBC’s flagship “Newsnight” programme. She was responsible for a number of key interviews but is best known for being behind that conversation between Prince Andrew and Emily Maitlis. “Scoops” takes the reader behind the scenes of many of them. I reviewed it in more depth for the TLS.

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Whatever you read this Independent Bookshop week, enjoy!

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