TV+ Talk: “The Morning Show Returns”, is Apple TV+ Good?

Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston in The Morning Show on Apple TV+

The latest episode of “TV+ Talk”, the show where we chat all things Apple TV+, is out… And it’s a busy one this month.

Chuck Joiner and I start off by discussing the latest season of “The Morning Show”. Spoiler alert, we talk about episodes 1-3 of season three so go watch those episodes and then come back and join us (please)! There is also a conversation about whether Apple TV+ is actually punching its weight amongst the streaming services. I couldn’t help but ask the question… “is Apple TV+ actually good”? On balance, the answer is “yes”… Probably.

We also take a look ahead at upcoming releases, including “Slow Horses” season three. It is a British-based crime drama starring Gary Oldman and of the best shows on the platform.

Is Apple TV+ Good?

In the hotly contested world of streaming, you have to do a lot to stand out. Apple TV+ is competitively priced and has some good shows and movies on there. We named a few we like on the show. However, there are plenty of misses to go with the hits and they are more noticeable due to the smaller catalogue. However, let’s not forget, there is plenty of rubbish on Netflix and other streaming rivals too.

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Given the rate at which new shows are being released, this will probably even out and start to swing in a positive direction. However, I think that the free trials that come with new devices are still doing a lot of the work of bringing in subscriptions, particularly after “Ted Lasso”.

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