Why Every Newspaper Wants a Daily Podcast

Camilla Tominey and Kamal Ahmed

Most media outlets, certainly the major ones, have to be multimedia offerings. Newspapers need to provide videos, games and… podcasts. Daily news podcasts have become particularly popular. The New York Times and The Times newspapers are among those that offer such a product. Then there is “The News Agents” from Global and Persophonica. It was arguably the founder of that company, Dino Sofos, who kicked off the trend here in the UK by launching “Newscast” during his time at the BBC.

The Telegraph has decided to get into the game too, adding “The Daily T” to its audio roster. The show will be led by Camilla Tominey and Kamal Ahmed, who is leaving The News Movement, the social media news outlet he co-founded. As Charlotte Tobbitt noted at Press Gazette, Tominey is becoming an executive editor and Ahmed is coming in as director of audio and writing a weekly column. The new show is set to launch in May.

It all leads me to wonder… how many daily podcasts do we need and what can they do to stand out?

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