“Succession” Creator Reveals if Logan Underlined or Crossed Out Kendall’s Name in His Will

Sarah Snook, Kieran Culkin, Jeremy look over a phone in “Succession” season 4

It is the question that dominated much of “Succession season four – did Logan underline or cross out Kendall’s name in his will? Did he want the “eldest boy” (who isn’t actually the “eldest boy”,) to take over from him?

The characters fought over this. Fans debated it endlessly. And now creator Jesse Armstrong may finally have cleared things up.

Speaking at the FTWeekend Festival, Armstrong told interviewer Henry Mance that he was on set at the time and able to draw the infamous line himself. He said that, in his view, “if you were going to cross out, you wouldn’t start underneath, would you?”

While the question was posed as simply being Armstrong’s view he’s the man who put that line on that piece of paper. According to him, Logan had underlined, not crossed out, Kendall’s name. One thing remains certain:

It sure as fuckin’ shit doesn’t say Shiv.

It didn’t say Tom either…

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